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Content MATCH Platform


Join our Challenges! We are looking for (and bringing forward) technologies generating business opportunities and covering needs, e.g. content monetization, for our clients and partners, among others, large rightsholders. Not only in the TMT space but also in industries working closely on CONTENT ENGAGEMENT e.g. Retail, FMCG and Fashion among others. We are not acting as investors here nor an accelerator. Our clients and partners have specific needs and we match them with solutions, with market proven technologies (no startups only on MVPs), collaborating always with third party providers. If you have a matching offering, please reach us.

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Sports Drinks


Project Brandme

Large rightsholder, global reach. Relevant sport, with millions of fans. Unexploited content. We are looking for technology providers in the space of sports sponsorships with tech (e.g. AI, analytics, market research) and tools to improve sponsorship strategy for that client.  


Project Showme

In the space of Esports we very relevant content, with millions of fans, ending in Twitch, YouTube or other platforms, without return for the event organizer nor content owner. We are interested in looking at technologies (e.g. content monetization and gamification of content distribution in the space of esports and gaming, under proven parameters of ethical consumption e.g. parental control). 

Game Controller
Image by Rodion Kutsaiev


Project NFTme

We know of the doubts around digital assets. We look at NFTs as part of loyalty programs with relevant brands and benefits in the physical world (goodies, VIP experiences). One of our clients is running projects for major brands in this space and open to further partnerships. 


Project Reachme

Open call to solutions providing direct and measurable impact on content distribution and relevant for FMCG and retail industries. You should have at least 2 major clients, recurrent revenues of minimum Eur 100k MRR, and appetite to add new business verticals. 

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